FLOAT&M will turn the consortium into a benchmark in Europe, and even globally, for advanced comprehensive solutions for floating offshore wind O&M via new technology development

Six key aspects to improve O&M

  • Increasing

  • Monitoring wind asset status

  • Minimising down time

  • Reducing the need to access the platform

  • Increasing people’s safety

  • Extending useful life

Project origin


O&M optimisation in the wind sector.

Multi-factor problem with a large number of parameters and variables on which to base optimal decision-making such as new maintenance strategies for asset life cycle management, inspection and maintenance via drones and robots, digital tools for floating O&M and new anti-corrosion materials and solutions.


Wide experience in O&M services in the Basque Country... but not many offshore references.

Floating alternative as an opportunity to join this market that has hardly been addressed to date with added value and our own innovation.

Market Fit

Technologies that make up a comprehensive O&M solution according to ETIP (2020)

  • Asset life cycle management and condition monitoring.
  • Control and monitoring digital tools.
  • Robotic inspection and repair methods.

Work packages that offer innovation in these areas

  • WP1.
    Definition of new strategies adapted to floating offshore technology and application of a comprehensive O&M solution.
  • WP3.
    Digital solutions for floating offshore O&M.
  • WP2.
    Innovative elements: Drones, ROVs and connectors.
  • WP4.
    New anti-corrosion materials and solutions.

Fit with current business lines of the companies that make up the consortium

  • Advanced services for asset life cycle management.
  • New inspection and repair solutions.